PERIMON will be discontinued on June, 30th 2015

Cycle calendar

Perimon – Menstruation calendar
What is PERIMON? PERIMON is a cycle calendar with which women can keep track of their cycle. PERIMON is a contraception and conceiving aid for women from 18 to 45 years of age. It is easy to use and renders its service since 1996. You enter your menstruation date once a month and decide everything else on your own
What is the difference between PERIMON and other menstrual calendars? To optimise its forecasts PERIMON calculates – in contrast to many other products – your actual cycle length. Whereas many other calendars only display statistical fertility values, PERIMON's analysis is based upon the data of your individual cycle and includes a reserve for cycle irregularities
Why is PERIMON not showing fertility? PERIMON will be discontinued on 30th Jun 2015. Since 30th Jun 2014 it is not possible to buy new cycles. The free-of-charge version of PERIMON doesn't show fertility

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“Hello, I have previously sent a mail that my wife and I are using PERIMON for contraception. Always successfully. Now we used the software for the opposite [...] and it worked: The very next cycle my wife got pregnant...”
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